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Perform LLC is a consulting firm with decades of highly effective and successful experience managing both large and small organizations in even the most challenging economies. We focus on the implementation and cultural adoption of the Miller Heiman world-class sales methodologies. We can simplify our philosophy in the following three step solution that is customized to our client’s specific situation:

• Identify areas for improvement that will have a high impact on performance

• Develop and deliver the necessary changes

• Create the cultural adoption plan that cements the new sales culture

BIO: Eric Wasser, President
Eric Wasser has more than 20 years of experience in senior sales and sales leadership positions within the wireless telecommunications, IT services, internet services and education industries. Throughout his career, Steve has helped companies, large and small to build or rebuild their direct sales channel to achieve measurable and sustainable results, in even the most challenging economies. Steve is adept in helping clients identify high-impact areas for improvement, which result in transformational increases in both productivity and revenue. Recent client engagements include:

• Co-Leading a sales transformation project for a Fortune 100 company that includes the re-design of their sales process and global implementation for over 1,500 sales personnel.
• Implementing a global strategic account program for a client in the supply chain management industry.
• Implementing sales and account management strategies for a global management consulting firm.
• Implementing new sales methodologies for two global central laboratories in the pharmaceutical industry.
• Implementing a global strategic account program for a client in the industrial materials and supply industry.
• Developing a Go-to-Market strategy, building a sales playbook and implementing sales methodologies for a client in the Education industry.

• Radford University